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P.E.A.C.E coaching

Power of Emotions for Awareness, Clarity and Expansion

PEACE is an acronym celebrating the Power of Emotions for Awareness, Clarity & Expansion, it also reminds us that Peace (inner & World peace) is the ultimate goal, alongside Love for All, of course!

PEACE mentoring is a blend of coaching techniques and intuitive guidance, which also includes training to develop self-awareness and enhance focus & skills for greater self-management, personal coherence, impact in business, and quality in relationships.

One session will provide you with a new understanding of your current challenges and help you gain clarity on what is important for you.
Together we’ll identify where to develop yourself and how you can move towards your goal in a more direct and efficient way. Using psychology, spirituality and philosophy paradigms, I’ll help you gain perspective on the mechanisms at play, rephrase the situation into an empowering narrative and feel equipped to navigate any situation in a purposeful way.


A Mentoring Package (with a flexible spend of coaching minutes) will take you further into the self-inquiry process so you can learn how to shift dynamics that may have been playing for you since childhood.

PEACE offerings appeal to a broad spectrum of people in different industries and stages of their life, career and business. Mostly creative thinkers and entrepreneurs in the Arts, Entertainment, Travels, Wellness, Education and Startup sectors. Clients appreciate the opportunity to address multiple aspects of life, such as career, relationships, talents or business development, as these are often intertwined. 


Price list

I never want money

to get in the way

of you accessing the support you need for your development. 

If you really want to work with me

but are not in a capacity to afford it financially, feel free to contact me and we can find a solution.

Services can be offered in English or French (native) 



Payment is due in advance of the session to confirm your booking. Payment options will be given once you've booked your slot.
Check availably for Mentoring on my calendly

One-off Mentoring sessions

£85 for 45min



Mentoring Packages with flexible spend are also available, starting £300 for 3h/180min & £450 for 5h/300min. Packages are audio calls (unless when requested otherwise) and also include crisis management (a texting/audio-notes hotline over Whatsapp).


Group and longer sessions (2 or 3 hours) for increased focus and deeper exploration are possible.

Prices available on request, depending on the focus and the nature of your enquiry. 


Coaching course

£1100 for 3 months

LOVE training and high level emotional resilience coaching over 10 sessions to use within 3 months.

Set an objective and deep dive into a specific issue. Creation of specific tools based on your needs.

Includes a free 30 min intentions setting call.

GROW IN LOVE Programme

from £111/year 

A new kind of mastermind, a masterHEART.
A year-long journey to become the heart-led leader you know yourself to be, learn how to embody the concepts you deeply care about but might struggle to put in practice.
Embark on a life changing journey with others on a similar  path, who share your aspirations. Make lifelong friends.

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