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#11 words for LOVE

with education comes Power

11 WORDS chart

Inspired from Ancient Greek and Latin words 


Exploring the 11 dynamics of Love, we learn to identify more precisely what is it that we experience when we feel "Love".
From such observations, we develop stronger a understanding of ourselves. Knowing who we truly are and what we want from Life enables us to better express ourselves, better convey our needs and desires, thus improving our relationships; firstly, within ourselves and then amongst others and within our environment.
The theme of Love influences all areas of our lives: from the food we eat and the things we do, to our romantic and professional partners, including our casual encounters with strangers, our bonds with our families and the whole humankind. ​
Getting to know the #11wordsforlove is not only an empowering tool for every individual when approaching a subject as enigmatic as Love, but it also helps us to enrich our Life and the ones of those around us by teaching us how to love ourselves more.​

Paradigm Shift

From Scarcity to Abundance ☀️

paradigm shift_edited.jpg

Here is the invitation: A PARADIGM SHIFT! 

After many years conducting this research on Love, I started to draw parallels between emotional and financial wealth, and why some people are consistently more successful in these areas than others. It all comes downs to mindset, and more specifically education and literacy. Indeed, access to the right resources and exposure to narratives that enables inner-shifts is what makes another reality suddenly possible. We can not develop for ourselves, the states we believe are not in our reach. Emotionally poor people are surrounded by broken models that keep entertaining more of the same. This is why it is so important to create alternatives and show that abundance is possible, no matter where we come from. This is especially true with this kind of work because it only requires commitment to Self, and is done internally.

SELF-LOVE, the concept has gained popularity over the past few years, yet nobody seems to to agree on what it actually is and what's needed to act from this place. Love in itself is an abstract concept. Many people argue that Love is a verb, and is expressed in actions not just words. I personally believe that Love is the state from which these actions come naturally.  And that's why, the more we are Open to Love, the more chances we have to access that state and know from direct experience what Love is all about!

This is the work I committed to: empowering people to create the Love they yearn for, giving them the tools they need to grow in this life-long journey, creating curriculums that totally change the way we (as a society) perceive Love, and opening new doors in our psyche so we can finally experience the nourishing Love we fundamentally need as a species.There has not be a better time; join me in this adventure into becoming Emotionally Wealthy!

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


heaing the separation wound

Work with me

..healing the Separation wound..

Many people see the hippie/new age dream of oneness as an outdated idealist concept totally disconnected from reality, yet despite the many trials and errors the hippie generation was onto something: PEACE & LOVE or in other words, joy, ease, play, togetherness and harmony. They wanted the WAR to stop -all of the wars- and dreamed of united world, in which we could all live together in ways that are not only more respectful of every living creature of Earth, but also empowers us Humans to thrive in balance and harmony within the wider ecosystem. This dream is still alive in many of us, and apparently, with each day that passes, there are more and more dreamers.

Thanks to Eastern Philosophy, we know that in order to create Peace and Coherence at the scale of the World, Peace must start from within, in the small daily actions.

Same goes with Love.


One of the biggest challenges we are facing today is the lack of vision.

Without tangible vision or role models embodying the change we wish to see in the world, it is hard for most of us to walk towards the dream of unity and communion, and we naturally revert to what we know. Peace and Love (despite being very basic words in the English language) are concepts that are actually quite abstract for most, especially those who grew up in chaotic environments and dysfunctional families.

Something that helped me along my journey is studying Polarities.

The more we understand about Polarity, the more we can envision the journey from one end of the spectrum to the other. The idea is to better understand what we are moving away from; what we are saying NO to, so we can gradually say YES to what we aspire.

When it comes to Peace & Love, here is the polarity:
PEACE is the absence of WAR.
LOVE is the absence of

Suddenly things become more tangible when we look at them this way!

OPEN TO LOVE aims to melt away the walls of cynicism, judgment and all other coping mechanisms we build in order to survive the many cycles of WAR & FEAR we are stuck into on both individual and collectives levels.

We have all we need, the key is to shift the focus onto the things we really want in our lives.

Let me help you keep your focus where your Heart is:

Join the GROW in LOVE year-long journey to learn how to RELATE in the most authentic way

or Get high-level coaching to dive deep on specific issue/question with LOVE ALCHEMY.

"where attention goes, energy flows.
whatever you focus on grows."

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