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LOVE intelligence

connect with your Heart

Out of the most universal and popular emotions, LOVE is the least understood.

How can we only have one word for an experience that ranges from states of utmost despair to the highest ecstasy one can ever experience?


Something that is quite evident though,

it's that Love is a powerful emotion and a really potent driver in most if not all of our human interactions.

Wouldn't it be a logical thing to want to spend some time studying it?

Well, that's what I did for the past 8 years!

I committed a vast majority of my waking hours studying from academic resources to more practical ones, and direct from my life experiences and, of course, countless hours of coaching clients.


"God is Love, Love is God" they say, and if that's right, that would mean that Love is the all mighty Power.

Why not investing yourself into learning how to harness it?

If that sounds like an appealing quest, you are at the right place :)

Join me, JOIN US!

Apply ancestral wisdom to your Life 🔮

Emotional Awareness Training

Emotional Resilience 
Mentoring / Coaching

Polarity work & Relating


- Understanding emotional drivers  (LOVE)  and deepening connection to Self 

- Adjust behaviours to match personal values


Private and Group Workshops, Consultancy + GROW IN LOVE Programme 

- Processing deep emotions and overcoming powerlessness. 

- Achieving personal development goals, increasing integrity & self-relience

One-off sessions & Packages + LOVE ALCHEMY Course

- Identifying the various forces at play in Nature  (according to ancient Chinese philosophy)  and understanding how they attract, repulse and balance each other.

Workshops, Coaching, Consultancy +  GROW IN LOVE Programme


MAB is here

MAB is my life work, it stands for Meaning And Beauty.

...and something more personal that honours the Women in my lineage♡

I’m a psychic mystic, author and conceptual artist, exploring psychology and spirituality to challenge the way we live and implement new concepts fostering self-awareness and social interaction.

My primary focus is on Love intelligence, learning from ancestral wisdom to create alternatives to the limiting narratives we have today, shifting from scarcity to abundance.

The aim is to empower a new culture of relating - with self and others - through enhanced emotional literacy and participative experiences.

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I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities when it comes to Emotion Intelligence Studies.
Got an idea? Somethng you want to share?
Let's connect.

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