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Diversity, Equity &  Inclusion

Ultimately, we all want to feel like we belong.

Beyond labels that are increasingly complex and & DE&I agenda that often appear to be artificial and over-engineered, my approach is to focus on what makes us come together while celebrating the differences and making sure every voice is heard and represented.

This is where my approach focused on Belonging sets itself differently, because it focuses on the big picture, the patterns and the systems, rather than just the symptoms.

Employee Engagement Consultancy

I create tools and organise events that foster engagement and cohesion. Especially around the inclusion of Neurodivergent people (Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD...) Client includes startups and scaleups (up to 400 employees). I can provide more context and details about the work I do with them upon request.

I design workshops and collective training sessions to suit on your needs and meet your objectives. Client includes tech conferences, wellness retreat organisers, various communities, companies, and sport clubs. Imagination is the only limit, any subject will be considered.

Neurodiversity Training as #teambuilding

Give your teams an educative and entertaining moment together. I believe information is best retained when we can somehow relate to it. That's why I designed these training to be both informative and enjoyable.

I deliver toolkits as well, and can even co-create one with your teams for even more relatability.

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Based in Selgars

Active in London (UK) & Seoul (SK)

Podcast (coming soon)

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