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Image by Billy Huynh
February is

Join us for a month of discoveries and reflexions around what Love is - and what it could be 💫

Do you want to take a deep dive exploring the concept of Love?
Why do we have only one word to describe so many different feelings and experiences? 
Do we always love the same way, even when loving the same one person?
And do we only love people and other living beings? Or can we also love unanimated objects, such the home we live in, the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the water we drink?
And what about the work we do and the dreams we hold dear?
What if Love is so much more than what we ever imagined?

If you too feel like you could benefit from spending some time contemplating the meaning of Love and the many experiences of relating to self, others and our environment, then enter your email below :)

Come and learn new vocabulary, explore common love and relationships misconceptions, gain self-awareness, discover how self-love can really change the game and reclaim the power to create the Love you want for your life.

Don't wait, we started already 👇

Thanks for showing up!

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