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Emotional Resilience

you can only meet people to the depth you've met with yourself

Get clarity on what matters
and take wiser decisions for your life.


For those who need

OCCASIONAL GUIDANCE and want to develop a long term relationship with me and benefit from the

big picture insights.


For those who want to DIVE

DEEP and get high level coaching in the course of 3 months in order to unlock a specific situation

and get fast results.


For those who want to LEARN more about LOVE intelligence, through the various curriculums

I created: #11wordsforLove

polarity work & trauma awareness.

Emotional Resilience is your ability to respond to stressful or unexpected situations and crises. It's a muscle you build by understanding your Life challenges and learning to outgrow your current circumstances and default patterns of behaviours.
This work is especially powerful for pioneers and leaders, allowing you to align your actions with your intentions and act from an embodied place. As you grow, you will increase your capacity to support others on similar journeys. Working with me will empower you to turn your lifelong struggles and limitations into assets and pave the way for those who follow.

Are you ready?

Let me help you understand your Emotional Self,
increase your self-reliance and create the Life you've always known to be yours!

PEACE mentoring is a blend of coaching techniques and intuitive guidance, which also includes training to develop self-awareness and enhance focus & skills for greater self-management, personal coherence, impact in business, and quality in relationships.


Intensive 1:1 course - 10 coaching sessions - £1100

- Process deep emotions and overcoming powerlessness. 

- Achieve personal development goals, increase resourcefulness and emotional resilience, strengthen personal integrity.

CLICK HERE to book your free 30 min intention setting call.

EQ mentoring

One-off sessions & Packages with flexible spend available


- Provide you with a new understanding of your current challenges in context of the bigger picture.

- Identify area where to develop yourself so you can move towards your goal in a more direct and efficient way.

- Gain perspective, rephrase the situation into an empowering narrative and make sure you feel equipped to navigate any situation in a purposeful way.


11 words for LOVE

One-hour training on the various dynamics in Love & Relating 


- Understand emotional drivers  and deepening connection to Self. 

- Adjust behaviours to match personal values.
- Foster more authentic connections with the people around us.

REQUEST A TRAINING FOR YOUR TEAM or yourself (1:1 also available)

Areas I can help with:
SELF-AWARENESS (special focus on Trauma & CPTSD)

POLARITY WORK (learning from Ancient Wisdom)

BOUNDARIES & ALCHEMY (turning your pains into Light)


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